Take a stroll and lounge on the white beaches of the Islands

Ssese islands is Uganda’s paradise on earth. Blessed with tropical weather, sun all year and sandy white beaches, it is Uganda’s equivalent to Zanzibar. Ssese has even been named one of the best places to chill out by resort critics like Lonely Planet. As though that is not enough, Ssese islands is the home to most of Uganda’s fishermen who make a living from the trade. You can watch as they go about their work in the quaint fishing villages and enjoy a range of fish delicacies while you are at it. You will also enjoy watching a variety of bird, and animal species which will make you appreciate the craftsmanship that this little landlocked country is.

Fishing, Boating, Sailing and Sunset Cruising.

In case you prefer a little more action, you can ditch the sandy beaches and hop onto a boat for countless thrilling adventures on the waters of the largest lake in Africa. Boating is a way of life around Ssese since one has to cross a lot of water just to get around. You can enjoy the daily lives of the locals by island hopping from one island to the next, from the biggest which is Bugala to the smallest which measures about two acres, hop the habited to the inhabited as you fantasize about a life on your own island, like RobinsonCrusoe. You can also lend a hand in the trade of the island and go fishing for the elusive Nile Perch which is a revered delicacy in Uganda. Then you can cruise on the calming waters in a speed boat as you let yourself go wild and free and later in the evening watch the sun set on the horizon of Africa’s mammoth water body in the pearl of Africa! The possibilities are endless!



Quad Mountain Biking.

Without of diverse scenery, Ssese Islands is a beautiful place to explore. You can ride through the fabulous sandy beaches, through the daunting rain forests and through the picturesque fishing villages and marvel at honest Ugandans at work. The vehicles can be provided by your resort if possible. With a guide, you will also be able to visit projects within the Kalangala district like BIDCo, where cooking oil and other household items are manufactured, and NAADS, a government organization fighting to reduce encroachment on the natural environment, and vices like malpractice in fishing and deforestation.

Beach Fires and BBQ.

What is a night on the beach without a beach fire? Depending on the lodging you choose, beach fires can be arranged for guests where you will enjoy the company of strangers you have made into friends, the warmth of the fire coupled with the silence and majesty of lake Victoria in the nearby distance, the mysteriousness of the rain forests which cover some of the resorts in the islands, a starlit sky, pyrotechnic lights gleaming on the horizon coupled with music and some storytelling. And with that, a freshly caught tilapia roasted or fried on the fire to make your taste buds dance and a cool beverage of your choice to wash it down. Ssese islands is the stuff dreams are made of!

Hikes and Nature Walks.

Hikes are a much more relaxed and romantic way to explore the islands. With a guide, you can roam through the rainforest as you watch many unique birds, primates and other animals like the Sitatunga Antelope and some unique monkeys. Hikes can be all day affairs or shorter ones as you choose. You will also be taken through fishing villages and schools where you may even have the school children sing you a song as an esteemed guest of the nation.

Take a ride on the ferry.

Taking aride on one of the two ferries can be an exciting endeavor. The ferries are the main mode of transport from the mainland to the islands and you can enjoy a soothing trip as you treat yourself in the restaurant within. The ride can take about three hours and the ferry leaves at 2pm daily.

Enjoy the many amenities in the numerous Lodgings

You can also have a good time in doors in the many state of the art lodgings and hotels. Many of them have a lot of entertainment for guests like cable TV, music and free Wi-Fi. Even steam bath and saunas are available. For some, specialized entertainment can be arranged.


Ssese islands has spots with lush greens where guest can play the gentleman’s game. The mood of golfing on an island with the cool breeze of the Nalubaale blowing on your face can be an exciting, challenging but rewarding experience. Come and declare yourself an African Golf champion by conquering the Ssese green!