Ssese Islands Hotels


The Brovad Sands Lodge.

The Brovad Sands are located on the shores of Lake Victoria and offer a beautiful getaway for visitors of the Ssese Island with a magnificent view of the expanse of the Victoria lake waters. It’s situated on the biggest of the 84 islands in the archipelago, Bugala Island, and offers many favourable modern amenities.

The Brovad Sands offer well-furnished and serene self-contained cottages all with bed configurations and bathrooms. Cottages all have two glass doors and a balcony that overlooks the lake and the beautiful lodge gardens to relieve, soothe and relax a tired mind.


They also have an onsite restaurant that offers enjoyable and yummy meals in an alluring ambience. Both delectable local dishes and glamorous international cuisines are on the menu. Meals can be served on the shore in the company of the magnificent Nalubaale or in the privacy of your room.

The Brovad sands lodge also offers activities like water sports, bird watching, primate sightings, forest walks, fishing and witnessing the cultures of the people indigenous to the island. The lodge offers a number of facilities like, airport Shuttle, satellite TV,, swimming pool, boat rides among others. Languages spoken at the lodge are English and Kiswahili.

brovad sands

The Ssese Island Beach Hotel.

Listed as one of the 3 star hotels on the Ssese islands, Ssese Islands Beach Hotel is set on the beach front amidst an awe inspiring canopy of rainforest giving it a unique ambience of warming beach and lake coupled with intriguing and mysterious forest view.

The beach hotel offers ample security, comfortable self-contained rooms with modern amenities like showers and bathrooms. They also offer camping tents if a more outdoor experience is what you prefer. Each room is equipped with a balcony on which you will be able to enjoy views of the lake or the forest.

Ssese island beach hotel also offers a complimentary buffet breakfast coupled with fresh fruits and the like. Lunch is offered in a variety of BBQ around a camp fire at the beach. They also have a bar with an assortment of cold and soft drinks, juices, beers, wines, whiskies and other liquors.

Ssese island beach hotel also has a fully equipped conference hall with a capacity of 120 in case you have a need for meetings. You can also enjoy a number of recreation activities like boat cruise, canoeing, beach volleyball, pool table, game fishing, Island excursion by vehicle, guided Forest Walks, zoo excursion and many more. They also have a nine whole golf course all which can ensure you enjoy an exciting stay at Ssese islands.

The Philo Leisure Gardens.

Philo leisure gardens is located 500m from Kalangala near the Lutoboka Central Forest Reserve, which is known world over for the Lutoboka Point, one of the Important Bird Areas (IBAs) in Uganda where many rare birds can be sighted.

They have plush and green gardens which are a sanctuary to many monkeys and birds that will make your stay exciting if you are an avid bird watcher. Even some migratory birds camp at Philo in there seasons and you may even be fortunate enough to hear the whistling of the African Grey Parrot and the spellbinding courtship of the pin tailed Whydah or the African Paradise Flycatcher.

The Philo leisure gardens offer a good atmosphere with their beautifully manicured lawns with gazebos for guests to lounge in. they provide well furnished rooms with modern amenities. They also offer both local and international cuisines.

The Panorama Cottages.

Located on Kalangala ferry road the panorama cottages are a renowned accommodation in Ssese islands near the golf course with the Kalangala beach just a short stroll away. They offer free breakfast to guests accompanied with free Wi-Fi and free parking space. They have beautiful gardens with an outdoor lobby where guests can lounge and relax. They also offer well-furnished self-contained guest rooms with the modern amenities like showers and bathroom.

Kalangala beach pearl resort

Sprawling on 20 acres, pearl beach resort beautifully accentuates the shoreline of lake Victoria on the white sandy beaches. It has magnificent picnic grounds for guests to loll and kill time and where they can enjoy the view of the expansive lake. They also have a semi outdoor restaurant that can sit 50 diners comfortably as they enjoy an assortment of local and international cuisines. The beach pearl resort also has an in house bar, and a beach side bar, both manned by experienced staff.

The Ssese Habitat Resort.

Ssese habitat resort is located on Bugala Island and is considered a very good lodging in hospitable environment. The resort is encircled by a rain forest and offers wonderful views of the fresh water lake. A sunset on the horizon viewed on the beach is to die for. The rain forest nearby also offers visitors the chance to view the many  species of birds that the island has to offer coupled with unique species of insects and other wild animals.

Ssese habitat resort provides well-furnished self-contained luxuries with the modern amenities like showers and flush toilet. Breakfast is also provided which can be enjoyed in the privacy of your room or in the dining area. Tents are also provided in case you would prefer the untamed style of accommodation although you can bring your own tents.

Ssese habitat resort offers a sumptuous menu for lunch to guests with a number of delectable Ugandan dishes. They also have a well-stocked bar that offers cold drinks and beers. Guests can also enjoy beach games, boat rides, swimming, sauna, steam baths and nature walks

Other accommodations worthy of mention in Ssese Island are islands club, Ssese habitat resort, one minute south resort, and pineapple bay among others.