How To Get To Ssese Islands


The Islands of Ssese comprise of 84 split Islets where some are hefty and compactly populated and the rest are undersized and abandoned save for the lush forests. No more than two Islands entertain travelers on a regular basis. Bugala being the largest and more reputable Island of them all is easily reached because of its urbanized status. Water transport is a means commonly used in these areas like the ferryboat that joins to the Islets from a place called Bukakata and at the same time little timber boats set off from a place known as Kasenyi. The whole journey can take you about 35-40 minutes tops from Kampala

An irregular air service that is run by the Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) also makes trips to the Islands. This place has miniature sea planes that are available to transport given individuals to and from the Islands. However, this comes at a fee of about UGX 35000 for each singular trip. Also, there are dependable bus services that connect to Kalangala from Kampala at the New Taxi Park. These set off at exactly 9am everyday save for Sundays where their departure time changes to 11am.

ferry kalangala


Another alternative route is one which links Kalangala to Masaka that is said to take only about 2 hours. The uncomplicated part of the tour is reaching the Nyendo junction which is just 2 km away from Masaka. It is along a stretchy Old Kampala boulevard that is commonly known for the flooding of a number of inexpensive matatu taxis. After getting here, one should be fully aware of the times that the ferryboat departs then head to the Kabassese Jetty from Nyendo which will most probably take an hour or less. The means of transportation here are the matatu vehicles that are in many cases shared. However, this is a much better option than jumping on to the backside of a precariously congested pickup vehicle. It is for this reason that you should at least move with a cold drink to keep you lively throughout the whole journey.

Finally, you will arrive at a place called Luku where still one will have to get aboard a standard communal pickup automobile that journeys till Kalangala. This comes at a small fee that one has to pay on arrival at the destination. The other option for those whose pockets are more than friendly and those that are diehards of comfort when traveling, there are special cabs that are available for hire at a much raised prices of about UGX20,000. At Andronica, the public means of transportation are brought to a halt thus one has to trek to the Lutoboka Bay which is about 20 minutes away.

Then alas! Your destination will greet you with amazing sights to see, places to stay and activities to do.