The Ssese Islands is an archipelago made up of 84 Islands and it is said that of these, 43 of them are occupied. The biggest Islet of them all is Bugala which is also the second largest in Lake Victoria with its chief town being called Kalangala. Here’s a quick highlight on what you are sure to do and what to expect should you wish to take a 3 day tour there;

The First Day.

While getting ready for a journey to the Ssese Islands, your tour operators will most likely pick you from your lodging house and transfer you to the dock on Lake Victoria in Entebbe. Here you will wait for a ferry that will take you directly to the Islands. This ferry boat only moves once in a day to the Islets from the Nakiwogo landing site at exactly 2pm. Thus, it is advisable to book your tickets earlier and try to show-face at the pier by 12 noon so as to catch your 3 hour voyage to Ssese. Those in Masaka, a district someplace in the South Western part of Kampala city can take a 2 hour drive to the dock in Masaka and jump on to a ferryboat for close to 30 minutes then take roughly an hour’s drive on the Islet or even choose to trek from the docking area, along the beach and to their hotel. There is hardly any doings on this day apart from camp fires that are only ignited on demand and the music played at clubs close to the beach with plenty of fish and drink.

kalangala islands


The Second Day.

Nature walks and tours around the Ssese Islands are usually done on day 2. However, there are other options for you to choose from depending on your tastes and preferences like; squad biking on the paths established, going fishing on the famous Victoria Lake, heading deeper into the forest, with the help of a tour guide in search for the birds, primates and also dig deeper into the history of the Islands and better still watching the glittery sun as it rises over the lake while sipping your cup of coffee by the beach. Later in the day after you have enjoyed a sumptuous lunch, the sparkly clear waters of the Island will be waiting for you to dive right in for a swim. On the other hand those who would rather take a swim in the pool, take a walk at the beach or even learn to ride boda bodas  can also do so depending on the packages their lodging houses have for them. Other activities you can do also include bird scrutiny, community ventures, sun bathing and sport fishing among others.

The Third Day.

Finally the tour of these spectacular Islands comes to a close. First, you will have a satisfying breakfast and thereafter head to the landing site in Luuku till you get aboard the ferryboat headed to the Bukakata landing site on the shores of Lake Victoria. This ferry boat sets out at exactly 8am and reaches Entebbe 3 hours later. When you get back in to the hustle and bustle of the City, you can either choose to be driven directly to the airport to catch your flight back home, be driven back into the Kampala city center or even visit the nearby attractions like the Wildlife Educational Center that is just round the corner.

Conversely, combining your excursion with the wide range of traveler fascinations that are in store like theNational game reserves and parks, say the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest to track the striking mountain gorillas or even going white water rafting at the Source of the Nile would do you good.